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Many people think that air conditioning only cools your environment but, as the name suggests, Air conditioning will create the comfort level at which you feel your best. With temperature and humidity controlled. Modern air conditioners produce clean fresh air, dehumidified and prevent mould forming. This is achieved quietly and without draughts. A fresh cool environment helps you feel more creative, fit and be more productive and who would not choose to be and feel their best?

Modern heat pump air conditioning systems are replacing traditional heating systems because of their energy efficiency. The most efficient systems can now produce £4  worth of heat for every £1of electrical energy consumed. Because of these efficiencies, the government has made tax allowances available to business through the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.

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Offices and Commercial users 

Due to rising costs of office accommodation, resulting in higher staff density and the huge number of computers in the workplace now makes air conditioning essential and no longer a  luxury. Modern Inverter Air Conditioning is very energy efficient, it not only heats and cools it controls humidity and provides precision temperature control and thus the ultimate working environment for you and your staff. Productivity and efficiency will be at its peak, with happy comfortable personnel.


As you invest in a better working environment, the benefits donít just end there, you can also claim 100% tax allowance through the Enhanced capital allowance. We can offer leasing packages to suit your needs and ease cash flow.

Shops and Restaurants

Temperature is one of the most important factors in customer comfort. If the temperature is wrong the customers disappear!

Shoppers and diners are very much aware of their environment. Temperature and humidity are  the most important factors in a comfortable and pleasant space. Shoppers browse for longer amd diners will feel comfortable to linger and take that extra coffee or drink, and of course, want to come back again..

As you invest in a better space for your customers, the benefits donít just end there, you can also claim 100% tax allowance through the Enhanced capital allowance. We can offer leasing packages to suit your needs and ease cash flow.

Servers, Computers and IT

We started our business creating environments for computer systems. Some of these were huge, the size of football fields.  Many years later, the computers and servers are much smaller but the problem is still the same.  They  generate a lot of heat and at the same time, stop working if they get  HOT! To make matters worse server rooms are often small and cramped where heat can't escape. Computers and servers running at high temperatures, cant stand a build up of heat and will fail causing down time and loss of data. Air Conditioning is your insurance against server crashes and down time.

Our experience in this area is considerable and we can build you a complete computer or server environment from the ground up including uninterruptible power supplies, stand by power generation and fire suppression or simply install air conditioning in your existing space.

We can offer leasing packages tailored to your project and ease your cash flow.


IT is now an integral and important part of the curriculum. Just as in industry IT suffers from heat generated problems, so does education. A room of thirty pupils and their computers are generating over 7kw of heat every hour. Thatís like having three fan heaters running in the room! It takes minutes for temperatures to rise to the level where concentration evaporates, tempers fray and results collapse. Equipment can be affected too and a heat created breakdown will bring that vital lesson to a rapid halt.